You can download SynTACS below.

SynTACS is still in alpha state. Some features are still missing while others are not yet stable. Due to that, we recommend to save your projects frequently as there is no undo/redo function yet. Complete crashes of SynTACS occur very rarely. As it runs in a Java VM, permament damage to your operating system is extremely unlikely. Nonetheless, there might be unstable functions which can, in certain situations, lead to an inconsistent model structure, which you do not want to overwrite a proper project file with. Hence, we further recommend to use “Save as…” and change the filename from time to time, always keeping at least one well-formed project file.

SynTACS is based on the Eclipse E4 Rich-Client Platform and the Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF), both covered by the EPL. The SynTACS code generator uses the Apache Velocity template engine, covered by the Apache Software License. By downloading SynTACS, you agree to both licenses.

A Java Runtime Environment (at least version 1.8) must be installed. We recommend using update 1.8.0_110 or newer.

SynTACS is an academic tool. It is free to use for non-commercial purposes. Redistribution requires our written permission. Note that all versions of SynTACS are unstable yet and the developers do not guarantee for proper functioning. Usage is at your own risk.

SynTACS V. 0.3.0 Windows 64 bit download

Known Issues

  • Undo/Redo sometimes unstable
  • Frequent NullPointerExceptions on OSX version. These originate from GEF and, although they are very annoying, seem not to cause any harm to the model.
  • Exceptions when typing text into the event mapping table of template instances. Use the dropdown instead.
  • DEL key does not work on all entities. Use right-click -> delete instead
  • When an automaton is deleted which is referenced by a condition, the reference will be broken afterwards. You can manually fix it by double-clicking on the transition's or prohibition's event label.